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Tournament Date Winner Players Authorized up to Deck Num Videos
Women & Non Binary BABW
UK, London
2016-09-25 14 Blood Money 2
Hangzhou Tournament
PRC, Hangzhou
2016-03-12 8 Data and Destiny 0
ANRPC Helsinki
Finland, Helsinki
2016-03-05 17 Data and Destiny 4
NACH Qualifier Orebro
Sweden, Örebro
2016-02-27 18 Kala Ghoda 0
Chronos Protocol Strasbourg, 1st Louloutre Magic (Noda) - HB Semi Fast Adv Chronos Protocol Strasbourg (Philibert)
France, Strasbourg
2014-04-27 HB Semi Fast Adv Andy Suckers 24 Double Time 4
Chronos Protocol Bayonne
France, Bayonne
2014-04-26 18 Double Time 0
Chronos Protocol Liège, 1st Sander Vernyns - Jinteki PE Combo Chronos Protocol Liège
Belgium, Liege
2014-04-20 Jinteki PE Combo Whizzard SMC 26 Double Time 6
Chronos Protocol Grenoble, 1st Wrath - TWIY Tag & Bag Chronos Protocol Grenoble
France, Grenoble
2014-04-19 TWIY Tag & Bag Kate Professor Style 22 Fear and Loathing 4
Chronos Protocol Angers, 1st Kinder - Nbn Biotic Chronos Protocol Angers
France, Angers
2014-04-05 Nbn Biotic Chaos Stimhack Despe 21 Fear and Loathing 2
Chronos Protocol Paris, 1st Wiegraf - HB Recursive Chronos Protocol Paris
France, Paris
2014-03-29 HB Recursive Kate Swiss knife 37 Fear and Loathing 6 2