Android Netrunner Tournament in finland page 1

Tournament Date Winner Players Authorized up to Deck Num Videos
ANRPC Helsinki
Finland, Helsinki
2016-03-05 17 Data and Destiny 4
Helsinki GNK January, 1st Niklas Virkkala - Limited Supermodernism (CC, WLA, OM) Helsinki GNK January
Finland, Helsinki
2016-01-09 Limited Supermodernism (CC, WLA, OM) Limited Katman (CC, WLA, OM) 13 Data and Destiny 4
Finnish Nationals 2015, 1st Tomi Leino - Blue Sun fuccoff 3.0 Finnish Nationals 2015
Finland, Helsinki
2015-09-12 Blue Sun fuccoff 3.0 Faustonomy 2.0 29 Old Hollywood 2