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Tournament Date Winner Players Authorized up to Deck Num Videos
2015 Bootup Event JHB ZA
South Africa, Johannesburg
2015-02-01 16 All That Remains 0
Edge Store Championship, 1st YodaSensei - RP Show Edge Store Championship
France, Issy-les-moulineaux
2015-01-18 RP Show Andy Stealth 29 All That Remains 15
Winter Troll 'n Roll Arlon, 1st Mr Mint - PE Minh T. Style Winter Troll 'n Roll Arlon
Belgium, Arlon
2015-01-11 PE Minh T. Style Kate Blitz Hounds 10 All That Remains 2
Lyon janvier 2015
France, Lyon
2015-01-09 10 All That Remains 0
T2J GNK Janvier 2015
France, Paris
2015-01-04 13 All That Remains 2
Örebro Vinterturnering
Sweden, Orebro
2014-12-29 7 All That Remains 0
T2J GNK Décembre 2014
France, Paris
2014-12-21 17 All That Remains 2
Trollune Winter Kit
France, Lyon
2014-12-12 7 All That Remains 0
Winter Championship, 1st Henry Branscombe - Honor and Perfection Winter Championship
USA, Olympia, WA
2014-12-09 Honor and Perfection Street Fighter II: Turbo 8 All That Remains 4
401 Games 2nd Floor Grand Opening Tournament, 1st Dien Tran (Scumlord) - Daily Scumlord News 401 Games 2nd Floor Grand Opening Tournament
Canada, Toronto, ON
2014-12-07 Daily Scumlord News Switchblade Gabe 26 All That Remains 6
MeepleMart Winter GNK, 1st Discarded - Perfecting Hostility MeepleMart Winter GNK
Canada, Toronto
2014-11-28 Perfecting Hostility On the Origin of Noise 29 All That Remains 6