Submit your tournament results on Acoo

Philadelphia Regional, Canadian National - 2014...

Paris, Roseville, MN ...

Insert here the json export file from NRTM, or the csv file from Run4win, or the "unformatted" .txt file from ANT let empty to insert the rank manually

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If you don't use Run4Win or NRTM or ANT, you can import a custom csv file where ; is the separator. the first row must be the column name in this order:

1;Bananifier;20;77;Gabriel;Near-Earth Hub
2;Wiegraf;18;88;Andromeda;Near-Earth Hub
then one row for each rank.

For the identities you can put the Octgn ID (Noise = 01001) or the name ( Kate, Gabriel, GRNDL, Engineering the future...)