Posted Bounty

Weyland Consortium - Agenda - Security
Core Set
  • Advancement Cost: 3
  • Agenda Point: 1

When you score Posted Bounty, you may forfeit it to give the Runner 1 tag and take 1 bad publicity.

"Some two-cred newsy picks it up, even better. The scum could be in the alleys of Guayaquil of the slums of Bos Wash. Not to mention off-planet."

Illustrator: Mauricio Herrera

Posted Bounty is played in 3.13% of the Corp deck in the tournament section with an average quantity of 1.76 per deck.
Posted Bounty is also played in 20.99% of the Weyland Consortium deck with an average quantity of 1.76 per Weyland Consortium deck.

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