Executive Boot Camp

Weyland Consortium - Asset
All That Remains
  • Influence: 1
  • Trash Cost: 3

When your turn begins, you may rez a card, lowering the rez cost by 1[Credits].

1[Credits],[Trash]: Search R&D for an asset, reveal it, and add it to HQ. Shuffle R&D.

"Do it again, but this time I want to see you to enunciate less. Maybe let some spittle fly."

Illustrator: Gong Studios

  • Trash Cost: 3
Executive Boot Camp is played in 6.25% of the Corp deck in the tournament section with an average quantity of 1.47 per deck.
Executive Boot Camp is also played in 27.1% of the Weyland Consortium deck with an average quantity of 1.49 per Weyland Consortium deck.

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