Akamatsu Mem Chip

Shaper - Hardware - Chip
Core Set
  • Cost: 1
  • Influence: 1

+1[Memory Unit]

The Akamatsu company was founded on three principles: first, to make the fastest mem chips on the market, second, to turn a profit, and third, to serve as a front for the manufacture of illegal neural-stimulants. It is the last principle that perhaps explains their rabid brand loyalty.

Illustrator: Outland Entertainment LLC

Akamatsu Mem Chip is played in 6.29% of the Runner deck in the tournament section with an average quantity of 1.78 per deck.
Akamatsu Mem Chip is also played in 18.48% of the Shaper deck with an average quantity of 1.82 per Shaper deck.

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