Eli 1.0

Haas-Bioroid - ICE - Barrier - Bioroid
Future Proof
  • Cost: 3
  • Strength: 4
  • Influence: 1

The Runner may spend [Click] to break any subroutine on Eli 1.0. [Subroutine] End the run. [Subroutine] End the run.

"That's against the rules. The Creators will be angry."

Illustrator: Sandara Tang

Eli 1.0 is played in 43.07% of the Corp deck in the tournament section with an average quantity of 2.52 per deck.
Eli 1.0 is also played in 81.77% of the Haas-Bioroid deck with an average quantity of 2.75 per Haas-Bioroid deck.

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