Femme Fatale

Criminal - Program - Icebreaker - Killer
Core Set
  • Cost: 9
  • Strength: 2
  • Memory Unit(s): 1
  • Influence: 1

1[Credits]: Break sentry subroutine.
2[Credits]: +1 strength.
When you install Femme Fatale, choose an installed piece of ice. When you encounter that ice, you may spend 1[Credits] per subroutine on that ice to bypass it.

Illustrator: Kate Niemczyk

Femme Fatale is played in 29.31% of the Runner deck in the tournament section with an average quantity of 1.12 per deck.
Femme Fatale is also played in 56.32% of the Criminal deck with an average quantity of 1.04 per Criminal deck.

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