Georgia Emelyov

Jinteki - Upgrade - Sysop
23 Seconds
  • Cost: 1
  • Influence: 2
  • Trash Cost: 3

Whenever the Runner makes an unsuccessful run on this server, do 1 net damage.
2[Credits]: Move Georgia Emelyov to another server.

"Your mistake is thinking that it's just business, when really it's a war."

Illustrator: Aurore Folny

  • Trash Cost: 3
Georgia Emelyov is played in 0.11% of the Corp deck in the tournament section with an average quantity of 1.5 per deck.
Georgia Emelyov is also played in 0.5% of the Jinteki deck with an average quantity of 1.5 per Jinteki deck.

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