Black Knight Games Store Championship Warmup (2015-11-22)

16 players attended to this tournament in Hamilton, ON, Canada. There were 4 swiss rounds
The Netrunner Datapacks were authorized up to Data and Destiny

Swiss Round Results

Rank Player Corp Deck Runner Deck Points SoS
1st Dien Tran Blue Sun MaxX 14 1.94
2nd Aaron Chelovsky HB: EtF Noise 12 2.06
3rd Victor Naqvi Industrial Genomics Armand 12 2
4th Dwayne Beveridge HB: EtF Kate McCaffrey 12 1.63
5th Tim Banky SYNC MaxX 10 2.25
6th Bill Howard Spark Agency Armand 8 2.63
7th Jeff Grivel New Angeles Sol Andromeda 8 2.19
8th Douglas Griffith Haarpsichord Studios Kate McCaffrey 7 1.88
9th Jakub Chmielnik The Foundry Edward Kim 7 1.75
10th Steve Theo HB: EtF Rielle "Kit" 7 1.63
11th Rene Heroux Spark Agency Adam 6 2.06
12th Tim Chan Chronos Protocol Hayley 6 1.75
13th Josh Barrette Weyland: BwBi Leela 4 2.38
14th Adal Gadal Spark Agency Adam 4 2.19
15th Matt Heimbecker Cybernetics Division Nasir 4 1.19
16th Scott Burt HB: Stronger Together Iain Stirling 3 1.5

Runner Decks

30% Top Runner Decks

Corp Decks

30% Top Corp Decks