Roma GNK July (2015-07-09)

8 players attended to this tournament in Roma, Italia. There were 3 swiss rounds
The Netrunner Datapacks were authorized up to The Valley

Swiss Round Results

Rank Player Corp Deck Runner Deck Points SoS
1st Iacopo Pineschi (Pische) Blue Sun Valencia 9 14
2nd Dario Rocca (Drocca73) Blue Sun Reina Roja 8 12
3rd Alessandro Massimi (Dexter) Jinteki: RP Andromeda 7 12
4th Matteo Bienna (Mannic) NBN: MN MaxX 6 24
5th Francesco Bucci (JustJD) Argus Ken Express 6 19
6th Lorenzo Marasca (Rebel Scum) NBN: MN Kate McCaffrey 6 9
7th Simone Martorella (Korath) Cybernetics Division Rielle "Kit" 2 21
8th Andrea Cioffarelli (Cioffa) HB: EtF Kate McCaffrey 0 21

Runner Decks

30% Top Runner Decks

Corp Decks

30% Top Corp Decks