May Games Of Berkeley GNK (2015-05-10)

11 players attended to this tournament in Berkeley, USA. There were 4 swiss rounds
The Netrunner Datapacks were authorized up to Breaker Bay

Swiss Round Results

Rank Player Corp Deck Runner Deck Points SoS
1st Adam Cabrera 221A Baker Street Be MO 14 33
2nd Brian Cronin HB: EtF Leela 11 35
3rd Jamie Kennedy Near Earth Hub Chaos Theory 10 42
4th Andrew Cortez Weyland: BaBW Noise 10 38
5th Pomme Ratanakanaka Jinteki: RP Leela 9 33
6th Eric Greene Cerebral Imaging Chaos Theory 8 28
7th Luke Maulding Jinteki: PE Gabriel Santiago 8 27
8th Coleman Buffa Blue Sun MaxX 8 23
9th Robert Ballard Jinteki: RP Chaos Theory 6 24
10th Devon S GRNDL Reina Roja 5 38
11th Topey Plourde HB: EtF Gabriel Santiago 4 25

Runner Decks

30% Top Runner Decks

Corp Decks

30% Top Corp Decks