Circolo Evolution Store Championship (2015-02-21)

20 players attended to this tournament in Bologna, Italia. There were 5 swiss rounds
The Netrunner Datapacks were authorized up to The Source

Swiss Round Results

Rank Player Corp Deck Runner Deck Points SoS
1st Enrico Ambrosi Near Earth Hub Andromeda 15 56
2nd Antonio Entrieri The gigantic ICE that was evil Aztechnology 15 51
3rd Matteo Di Tommaso HB: EtF Kate McCaffrey 14 57
4th Francesco D'Alessio Jinteki: RP Leela 12 51
5th Riccardo Costa Next Design Noise 12 49
6th Nicolò Coppi Scorching NEH Secret Stealth Power of Andromeda 11 55
7th Leonardo Falco Near Earth Hub Leela 11 42
8th Nicolò Podestà Jinteki: PE Noise 11 33
9th Alexio Schneeberger Near Earth Hub Andromeda 10 53
10th Luca Branchini Nisei Division Silhouette 10 50
11th Giuseppe Spissu Near Earth Hub Kate McCaffrey 10 49
12th Mauro Di Marco Near Earth Hub Kate McCaffrey 9 53
13th Riccardo Silvestrini Jinteki: RP Rielle "Kit" 9 43
14th Andrea Gioia Jinteki: RP Leela 8 56
15th Lorenzo Sorace Weyland Consortium Chaos Teory 8 37
16th Alex Freddi Next Design Noise 7 43
17th Luca Valcavi Next Design Exile 7 36
18th Lorenzo Gennari HB: Stronger Together Reina Roja 6 48
19th Leonardo Bensi Jinteki: PE Nasir 4 45
20th Alessandro Dumas Jinteki: PE Silhouette 2 11

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