Newbie Tournament @SC Brno (2017-01-28)

4 players attended to this tournament in Brno, Czech Republic. There were 3 swiss rounds
The Netrunner Datapacks were authorized up to Quorum

Swiss Round Results

Rank Player Corp Deck Runner Deck Points SoS
1st Jan Ferko HB: EtF Kate McCaffrey 13 2.22
2nd Chlad (Petr Chladek) Weyland: BaBW Kate McCaffrey 10 2.56
3rd Jan Stefl Next Design Rielle "Kit" 5 3.11
4th Ladyarcher (Dana Hronova) korporace zacatecnici Brno zacatecnici brnorunner 5 3.11

Runner Decks

30% Top Runner Decks

Corp Decks

30% Top Corp Decks