Moscow GNK 2016-11-26 (2016-11-26)

10 players attended to this tournament in Moscow, Russia. There were 4 swiss rounds
The Netrunner Datapacks were authorized up to Escalation

Swiss Round Results

Rank Player Corp Deck Runner Deck Points SoS
1st Pinchuk Sergey Design of Rush Trolling the message 18 3
2nd Smirnov Anton Snekbite Papa Smurf 15 3
3rd Yartsev Alexander BOOM Sync Siphon Val 15 3
4th Popov Egor Suffrage RP Colony Kate 14 2
5th Zubko Dmitriy Cancer shit mill Kate 14 2
6th Shurigin Egor Bako Unleashed Papa Smurf 9 3
7th Galkin Dmitriy Grind Fest Super Cancer Aids (Mod) Lord of the things (Mod) 9 2
8th Konovalov Vitaliy Snekbite Annoying AF 8 2
9th Lahno Alexander HB Kit 6 2
10th Glazova Tatyana Builder of Nations Leela 4 2

Runner Decks

30% Top Runner Decks

Corp Decks

30% Top Corp Decks